Peccavi 'Estate' Merlot - Limited Release Coming Soon

Creating the perfect Australian Merlot is no mean feat. This stunning wine, developed and hand crafted by Jeremy Muller and Stuart Watson is made from vines grafted, on Peccavi Estate in 2010, with the 181 clones used by the Premier Grand Crus in Bordeaux. 

The Peccavi 'Estate' Merlot is handpicked and handmade on-site in small batches, with the finesse of old-world craftsmanship and new-world equipment. The grapes are then meticulously hand-plunged every six hours or softly pumped over before maturing in the finest French oak barrels for two years, to produce a Merlot in the style of the garargiste movement on the right bank of Bordeaux.  

We believe we are the only producers making a merlot in this style, in Australia, and it ensures this wine is the pinnacle of Australian Merlot.  Lisa Perroti-Brown of the Wine Advocate and Dr Gladstone, effective founder of Margaret River, note how this wine and the Peccavi 181 clones will change the region as they are considered as the best clones in the country.  

Lisa Perrotti-Brown’s article in March 2016: Western Australia: Killing-It, highlighted Peccavi as one of the “….eight stellar producers who are killing it when it comes to innovation, quality and coaxing the terroir into the bottle.” Lisa continued to note that, “…one of the biggest stories in Margaret River is the new Merlot clone planted at Peccavi, established by newcomer Jeremy Muller. I have long bemoaned the dearth of decent Merlot planting material, which could properly support and enhance the top-notch Cabernet Sauvignon that this region has to offer. The recently bottled (but not yet commercially available) initial results from these young Peccavi Merlot vines are truly something to shout about and absolutely what Margaret River needs to take their Bordeaux blends to the pinnacle of quality.”

Dr Gladstone’s tasting notes of the 181 Merlot clones: “Clone 181 has a lovely perfumed nose, pure, complex and quite deep. Palate medium bodied, clean, fruit echoing the nose, tannins refined but ample. Very good balance and good length.” Dr Gladstone continues, “If this tasting is representative, it points to exciting potential for the whole of Margaret River….this is Merlot as it should be.”

Tonnes of velvety fruit and soft tannin infused with the earth and air of Margaret River will dance on your palate, as you taste the best expression of this lush, cool but, sun-kissed southern land. This development represents the beginning of a new era in Margaret River’s winemaking, bottled and ready for your enjoyment, now and for many years to come.



Our Estate Merlot is the epitome of Peccavi; hand-sorted at a meticulous quarter tonne an hour into open top fermenters and hand plunged every six hours for the following three weeks. The wine then spent two years developing in the finest French oak and is ready for your enjoyment, now and for many years to come.

Technical Notes