Our History

Owning my own vineyard and creating fabulous wines have been dreams of mine since I was first introduced to white Burgundy and full bodied Clarets by my father over long Sunday roasts.

I spent many years searching New and Old World wine regions - even scouring the sites of ancient Roman vineyards in England - and never found the right spot until one holiday in Margaret River. Impressive on paper, the estate was even more attractive on sight. The location was superb, the terroir hard to surpass, and the fruit, already harvested for over a decade, was in demand from many highly acclaimed local wine producers. The estate was perfect.

In retrospect finding the vineyard was the easy part, the second part of my dream has been far more demanding. The last few years have been spent working alongside the best people in the business with our Estate’s premium fruit to ensure the creation of truly remarkable wines; the very best expression of this classic wine region, which we are delighted to introduce under our very own label…Peccavi Wines.

So welcome to Peccavi Wines, literally the fruits of our labour.

Jeremy Muller