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The Margaret River wine region was first planted in 1967 and has become regarded as a great wine-producing region in the world.

The wine from the region is blessed by the unique natural environment which makes it a favourite for visitors around the world.

Although the region contributes only 3 per cent of the country’s wine grapes it commands over 20 per cent of today’s premium wine market. 

The fruit for our wines is carefully selected, much of it hand-picked from our 16 hectares. We have an uncompromising approach to all aspects of the vineyard and vinification much of it time-consuming, but we trust you’ll agree, well worth it.

This winning combination has resulted in high recognition of the quality of the vineyard’s fruit, and for many years our fruit has been in demand from several of the top local producers.

Our vines thrive in this ideal vine country enjoying a balanced maritime climate. Winter winds from Antarctica carry the purest rainfall to feed the vines. Cooling sea breezes from the Indian Ocean moderate our long dry summer days.

During this ripening period the vine roots are driven deep, past loamy top soils to a sub-strata of ancient granite in search of nutrients and water, concentrating structure and flavour in the fruit.